RSS games resource en-us Ninja Jack Make your way through various challenging levels in search of treasure grab all the gold and also the keys to open the exit doors and proceed to the next level br Scary Halloween Dressup Halloween is all around and everywhere now What have you prepared for that day How are you going to be this year Do you want to see your image in advance br King of the Hill Defend your castle from your enemies br Rocky - Legends Jump into the ring as Rocky Balboa and see how hard you can punch the bags br Glassez Form shards of glass into a colorful mosaic Select a piece and click to rotate it placing it where it fits on the mosaic pieces can only cover one color Place unusable pieces in the trash but beware this costs points br Air Blobs Air Blobs is an addictive puzzle game with three skill levels easy normal and hard and timer Your goal is to clear the playing board put together at one vertical or horizontal line the same colored blobs by three or more and they will vanish The mor Rapid Randy Shoot the enemies with 4 different weapons on multiple levels Be accurate and watch your health br Peanut The rules are simple flick as many nuts in the goal as possible Extra points are gained for hitting the defenders and even more for a combo hit Aim for the nads br Virtual Salon You need to manage your hair salon in the best way possible Click on the box in the right-hand corner to begin Greet your clients and help them When you have enough money hire some employees br Christmas Angel Christmas is here This Christmas Angel will help you get all the gifts you want this year But you have to be good Dress her up and she might be nicer to you br Hungry Hippaul Help the hungry hippaul in eating as much food as possible and avoiding all the obstacles to score maximum points In order to clear a stage you must eat specific number of fruits and avoid all the obstacles as they will reduce your health You can dive Quix Line up same colored tiles vertically to clear them off the board br Eternal Red A hybrid defense and platformer game Build your defenses then back them up with your own weapon br On Street Boarding Skate down the road grabbing sacks of goodies and dodging road cones and road blocks br Dresses of the World Today it s time to get know dresses from all around the world As you can see there s cool styles from all around the world br Statue of Liberty Here is your chance to dress her up and have some fun with the Statue of Liberty br Celebrity Smackdown It s NOT Paris Hilton Barry Bonds Hilary Clinton and Donald Rumsfeld It s four fictional celebrities duking it out br City Jumper Take Bolly bird bouncing rooftop to rooftop on his speedy collection mission Control your Bolly by moving the mouse left and right and clicking to jump Collect as many coins and fruits as possible before you lose your balance br Freezedstyle Do some tricks while skiing downhill br Balloon Park Kids will be sent into the balloon flight by you and the more tubes you will use to achieve that the more points you will receive Be careful as the time is limited and you have to hurry Each level will be more and more difficult and there will be mo Castle Cat Help the cat climb up the castle to defend it from hostile intruders br Blade of Innocence Medieval real-time strategy game where you have to run you castle deciding what to build and which units to train in order to defeat your enemy s castle br Armor Heroes Choose your favorite hero with their own unique powers Kill all your enemies by combination of attacks you are bound to discover yourself Try to discover the best sword finishing moves br Critter Cannon Stay clear of the bads and go for the goods Ready Aim and Fire br Beach Ice Cream Create the most mouth watering ice cream of all time br Down Boy Help your character go down in this dragonball inspired game br Pimp My Grill Gotta get myself a mouth full of bling You sense me peeps br Shootout Shoot all your enemy robots in this very fun and exciting shooting game Enemies may come out anywhere so be ready with your weapons Enjoy br Jedi Hunter shoot every spaceship you see and as you go to the next level spaceships will move faster br Tom s Adventure III This is a nice platform game Collect flowers for the girl but avoid his overprotective father and his dog They are out to stop you br